Grace was attracted to the camera at an early age. Her enthusiasm for photography has continued through the years. Despite not an adventurous traveller, she has embarked on many enchanting journeys. She sees the world through her travels and records the best moments in her images.

Since 2014, Grace has developed a keen interest in low light and Arctic photography. Her style of shooting reveals the greatness of subtlety in transient lights. Like all successful landscape photographers, she is passionate about Mother Nature; the portfolio selected in this website is a showcase of awesome Creation.

In October 2013, Grace had her debut photo exhibition at the Hong Kong International Airport, sponsored by Schmidt Marketing Asia Ltd. In 2014, her series of 10 amazing photos taken in Norway of the Northern Lights won the Grand Prize of the “Me and my Leica” worldwide competition. In 2015, Grace was a finalist of the Art Gemini Prize for mixed media contemporary arts, her work “Infinity” was exhibited in the Menier Gallery in London.

Leica’s Interview